Awards are a brilliant opportunity to not only recognize the excellence of the India gear industry, but also to boost and build brand awareness, and cement its credibility among their industry peers. Gear Technology India along with AGMA is hosting its first gear industry awards to bring together manufacturers and vendors under one roof to celebrate their impressive achievements and contributions to the Indian gear industry.

The gear manufacturing industry plays a pivotal role in our economy serving as a reliant backbone for progress and innovation for many of its many players. India is well on its way to becoming a global manufacturing hub due to advances in manufacturing and notable government policies. These awards honors those in the Indian gear manufacturing industry for their trailblazing achievements and excellence.

Exclusively Dedicated for the Gear and
Gear Box Manufacturers Only


01 Excellence in Design & Development

This award category showcases the organizations inherent capability on product design and development


  • Authentic software which has a license

  • Library of standards - ISO, SBN, and other measurement standards

  • Analytical tools

  • Team strength and qualification

02 Excellence in Manufacturing Award

This award category represents the organizations strength of their manufacturing capability


  • Infrastructure:

  • Inventory Management

  • Basic Manufacturing Machinery: (eg: turning, hobbing, grinding die quenching, nital etching, heat treatment etc)

  • Productivity Management System

  • QMS - Quality Management System

  • New Age Manufacturing Techniques

03 Cutting Tool Innovation Award

This award category highlights the best cutting tool manufacturers from the gear manufacturers point of view

04 Gear Heat Treatment Excellence Award

The award category reflects the best heat treatment service providers in the gear manufacturing industry

05 Excellence in Servicing and Testing

This award catgeory showcases how customer-oriented your organization is


  • Organization Structure & Facilities

  • Customer Interface

  • Field Experience of Service Provider

06 Excellence in Indigenization: Make in India

This award category highlights those companies that focus on developing indigenous products


  • MoU of Tech transfer

07 Excellence in Social Commitment

This award category focusses on how organziations are commited to their CSR activities


  • Adherence to consent: Land, water and air

  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • Green Energy Initiatives

08 She Drives the Gears

This award category highlights the role of women in the gear manufacturing industry


  • Manufacturing

  • Engineering Design

09 Innovator of the Year

This award category honors those organizations that have worked towards innovation

jury Members

C. Selvaraj
Managing Partner, Sri Adhav Gears

Consultant in Defence & Engineering for leading companies

Mahendran Muthu
Principal Engineering Specialist

Vishwajit Kothari CEO Cyber Gears

Former Director & GM of Gleason Works India

Jacob Thomas
Technical Director, SMS Engineers