• 01 Registration – Fill in all credential as sought and create your unique ID and password.
  • 02 Sign in with your registered ID and password.
  • 03 Go to the nomination award categories to choose the nomination category appropriate to your company.
  • 04 A Company can seek nomination to multiple categories.
  • 05 Under the respective category, there is an eligibility criterion. Fill in your answers in the text box.
  • 06 Some categories do not have a criteria requirement. In such categories, fill in the details in the given text box.
  • 07 There are no character limits for details in the text box. However, keep it short and meaningful.
  • 08 Some criterion questions will require you to upload supporting documents as proof.
  • 09 Documentary evidence must be in format pdf, jpg, png, zip file against the respective upload button. These files must be correctly named and corelated.
  • 10 If required, multiple documentary evidence files can be uploaded at one go under each criteria-related question.
  • 11 Please ensure only the relevant document/s are uploaded against that specific question.
  • 12 The top 2 shortlisted nominees in each category will make a presentation to the jury members on Feb 8 either virtually or physically.
  • 13 Nominations close on 10 Jan 24 at 11.59pm IST.
  • 14 After the submission deadline, all details provided will be considered as final and no changes are permitted.
  • 15 Nominated Companies will be intimated and such companies (finalists) need to depute a senior management person to the awards show.
  • 16 Selected company(ies) represented are to receive their awards.
  • 17 Juries’ decision will be final and dissent will not be entertained